Outdoor activities in Ibiza

Ibiza is becoming more and more popular as a holiday destination for outdoor activities. With its lovely nature, azure blue sea and amazing climate, Ibiza has the perfect conditions for outdoor (sporting) activities.

Group excursions

Rockid Ibiza is an outdoor activity agency for excursions in Ibiza.

  • For groups (minimum number of participants per group)
  • Year-round
  • For a whole or half day.

You can choose from a number of popular excursions:

  • Ibiza Sea Adventure
  • Adrenaline & Fun
  • Relax Sailing Day
  • Cool Tour Around Ibiza.

Or opt for an excursion tailored just for you.


For outdoor excursions, activities such as cliff diving, hiking, kayaking, stand up paddle boarding or mountain biking should come to mind. There are also a number of fun excursions such as a tour across the island with macho or hippie cars, for example.

How about a boat trip; followed by an organic picnic on the boat, on the rocks or on a deserted beach? :You can also drop by for a wine tasting, or a dinner in the gardens of an estate with your own private theatre: have a movie night outside, under the starry heavens, on huge bean bags while viewing a film on an inflatable screen.

There are excursions for families with children of all ages, and even excursions for groups of friends, such as bachelor parties and fraternity or sorority groups; business outings and team building are also possible.

All activities are captured with (underwater) cameras and Go Pros to leave you with a fantastic souvenir commemorating your day.


In short

  • Lots of outdoor activities
  • Wine tastings etc.
  • Your day captured on film / video


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If you fill out the form you will be directly connected to the provider. If you have any questions you can ask them directly to our partner.

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