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San Carlos

We are in love with San Carlos. This is still authentic Ibiza. And much quieter than many other parts of the island. It is quieter because you are further removed from the city. But if you are in Cala Vadella, the drive to Ibiza Town is not far. If you want to visit the town frequently, then this may not be the best place to stay. But if you are looking for a beautiful, unspoiled area, then we can recommend the area of San Carlos absolutely. Our little office is also situated in the centre of this village, looking out over the nice piece of grass between the shops, pubs, restaurants and of course the church, that can’t be missed! 


San Carlos became famous as a hippie village in the 60s and 70s, when many of these peace lovers started living in the typical fincas in the area. Often, they had no electricity or running water. Nice and primitive. And see how these fincas look these days. Many have luckily retained the old style. The old inhabitants, many of whom have become millionaires because of their farms, take great care over their homes. But there are also new occupants, who transform their finca into a luxury living space, with or without sea views. 

Bar Anita

The most well-known bar of San Carlos is Bar Anita. This is the place for a simple snack or a caña (draught lager). In the past, this was the only place in the area from where you could make telephone calls. This telephone still exists, and can still be used :). Another fun fact: Bar Anita has a series of letter boxes. Mail is not delivered to all homes, so many occupants still use these letter boxes. And have a good reason to enjoy a cold beer at the same time... 

Las Dalias Market

If you are in the vicinity of San Carlos, then you should not miss the Las Dalias market! A nice hippie market that takes place every Saturday, where you can stroll around to the sounds of some music, and may well be able to buy a nice present for yourself or a loved one at home. But these days, Las Dalias offers more. Namaste takes place, with live performances and chill-out music on Wednesday evenings. And in the winter, the inhabitants gather here for the Christmas market. June is also a good time to be in San Carlos. The Ai Carai festival takes place then, a great music festival. 

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