Frequently asked questions

How do I book a house?

Already made up your mind? Reserve your house easily via the website. Hold off on booking any flights until we have confirmed your reservation! We will respond with all the necessary forms for your booking.


Have you yourselves seen the homes?

Yes, we have seen all the homes. Only after that do we post a house on the website. Seeing the homes is what gives us peace of mind when renting to you. It also enables us to answer most of your questions.


Are towels/wash cloths and linens provided, or do we bring our own?

No, you do not have to bring these yourself. You only need to bring your own towels for the beach.


Can we also book flights through you?

Unfortunately, no. This is not a service we offer. We do have a page that gives rundown of departing locations for common inbound flights. See Ibiza plane tickets.


Can we also rent a boat?

Yes! We have very reliable partners whom we are working with for several years. And overview of the available boats you can find on the boat rental page.


Do you help find houses?

We exist for this very reason! Given the many websites online, you could easily overwhelm yourself and get lost in the process. We would be glad to help you find your Ibizan dream house. Give us a call or contact us here.


Is it possible to check in earlier or check out later?

If the house is not rented before or after your booking, you may be able to check in earlier or later in consultation with us. In the calendar of the house on our website you can see for yourself if there are bookings before and after you, if not you can request us 3 days in advance if it is possible with your contact person. You will receive the details of your contact person about a week before your arrival on Ibiza in the arrival procedure. On occasion, there may be fees involved, though that varies by owner.


Is it possible to do an option contract on the house?

Yes, this can be done. We will check with the owner first, then get back to you with confirmation. These option contracts vary between 2 and 5 days.


What is the payment schedule?

You will be asked to pay a 30-50% downpayment and the remaining balance six weeks before arrival. We will send you two different payment requests. If you are booking within a 6-week window, then we request the amount to be paid in full.


Do you also have houses for long-term rental?

Actually, no, this is not something we do unless the booking is for winter months. These include the end of October to the end of April.


Can I rent a house for less than a week?

Occasionally, yes, but it varies by home. Often, your charges will be more than the day rate alone. This is due to relatively high costs; and since owners prefer renting out for the full week, this forces them to miss out on that opportunity. We rent for a minimum of 3 nights, in which case you often pay for 4 or 5 nights.


I am interested in buying one of the homes; how does this work exactly?

Just let us know. We do sales as well and can help you find your dream home. We have all the expertise to steer everything in the right direction.


I want to rent a car through you; how does this work exactly?

We only rent vehicles if you have rented one of the houses since this is considered an additional service. When you book through us, we pass on your information to the rental company, and they will be ready for you at the airport. You pay there, make a copy of your driver’s license, and hit the road! !


Are the dates of availability for the houses up-to-date?

Yes, these are up-to-date, but not updated in real time. Potentially, a reservation could have come in as recently as today or yesterday that has yet to be blacked out on the site. If there is a house you want to book, we will always double check with the owner to verify.


Is it possible to use the BBQ at the villa?

If your villa has a BBQ you will of course want to make good use of it. Please note, because of the drought it is officially forbidden to use a BBQ on charcoal in the summer. This applies to most areas in Ibiza.


Where can I store my luggage?

You are able to store your luggage at several hotels and enjoy a relaxing last day at the pool. For more information visit out luggage storage page.

Or just to stall luggage: