Datum: 24-10-2016

We, as islanders and Ibiza lovers, have a fondness for the off season. This is especially so once the month of October comes around. Perhaps you can’t imagine what there is to do in Ibiza when there’s less daylight and all the partying winds down. Despite this, Ibiza has so much more to offer all year round, especially in late autumn. Still on the hunt for an autumn getaway? To convince you, here’s a quick rundown of why autumn is a great time to do some travelling:

Tickets are way cheaper, so you’ll have a lot more money left over for other fun activities during your trip.


Temperatures are not as high during peak season, but there will still be plenty of sun. Not to mention, even though your friends in many parts of Europe will have already whipped out their winter coats, you can easily get away with flip-flops and shorts for your entire trip. Statistics show that rainfall is most prevalent in late autumn. Even so, did you know that most of the downpours are at night? That means you can enjoy the day admiring the blossoming flowers and the gaggles of green grass growing abundantly after a dry spell.

Another plus point of having milder temperatures is that it enables you to be more physically active during your trip. In the heat of the summer, you may be content with just a dip in the sea and kicking back to enjoy doing nothing for a change. In late autumn, however, temperatures are just right for a swim AND breaking a sweat doing some fun, physical activity. Go explore on your own, for instance, or do an adventurous bike tour through the mountains. You can even do kayaking tours or waltz along the beautiful stretches of Ibiza.


Discount stays
If discounted airfare isn’t convincing enough, just wait ‘til you see how much cheaper lodging will be! You’ll be able to stay in the same dream home for a much better price!

Less hassle
Like doing things on a whim? Then this is the perfect time for you. Unlike the summer, where you usually have to make a reservation to snag a beach bed or get a table at a restaurant, the late autumn offers you the freedom to be more spontaneous on your trip. Happen to pass by your favourite restaurant, for instance? Just hop right inside and I bet they will have a place to seat you. Need a parking spot? You probably won’t even have to look for one: just park right near the doorstep. Not to mention, spending time at the beach will seem like sheer paradise, with all the extra space you’ll get to enjoy amongst other indulging beachgoers.


Although the major party season is over, it doesn’t mean there’s nowhere else to party. Teatro Pereyra and Pacha night club, for example, are open all year long. Not only that, many islanders also throw their own parties this time of year, including grotto fests, full moon parties and other themed parties. That’s definitely the true spirit of Ibiza!

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