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Why rent a boat on Ibiza?

Apart from the beautiful main land, sailing along the coast is a unique experience in Ibiza (and Formentera). But what are the real reasons why this is so special? In this blog we are going to tell you all about it.


Every year at the end of the season we arrange a team outing on the catamaran to Formentera. The best thing is that we are accompanied by dolphins along the way. The catamaran is almost completely silent (and fully green) and  the dolphins swim along with the boat! A real unique experience  to see the dolphins swim with the setting sun  as a backdrop. In the low season the dolphins are closer to the coast. During the summer they are mainly at the high seas.

Snorkeling, cave exploring and stand up paddling

Ever heard of the “Cave of light”? Probably not, it’s a spot between San Antonio and Port de San Miguel, Cap d’Albarca to be exact. A unique place that is only accessible by boat. This is one of the most beautiful hidden spots and rarely visited. It’s a cave illuminated by the sun between 12 and 3, a most spectacular sight to behold! The cave is only accessible by swimming a bit under water. We strongly encourage you to use flippers! Taka a look at the video.

The Prestige 450 has access to some SUP boards. Great fun!

11728722_1535838393321870_2444564500852267701_oSnorkeling at the catamaran.

cave-of-light-1-1024x700The cave of light!

suppenStand op paddle!

Around the coastline of Formentera are beautiful caves to explore. There is one in which you go through a tunnel under water and enter a passage way. In the dark you stroll for a few meters until you see a bright blue luminous hole in the ground and then jump in again. The coasts around Formentera are full of caves and places where you can dive into the water. Ask the captain for his recommendations.

1493492_1535842123321497_1236421919125490277_oExploring the caves around Formentera


A bit northeast of Cala Llenya and Cala Mastella lies the island of Tagomago. A beautiful rugged island. Many birds have nests here on the western side of the island. Along the way you can anchor for an hour or more, sit back and enjoy the sun. A perfect spot to go swimming and enjoy a drink. For the adventures among us there are regular schools of barracuda here. They look very dangerous but do not people attack. There are frequent diving trips around the island.

w1920.h1200.cr0.au0.ac1.f-noneThe eastern side of Tagomago


Formentera also can only be reached by boat. This is also the most popular cruise to take. From the beach of Las Salinas it takes about an hour and a half to sail to Formentera. Of course it is a completely up to you to choose how long this will take. On the way towards Formentera, you can sail along the island of Es Palmador. This place is known for its natural mud baths. Formentera has several beaches that are more reminiscent of the Caribbean than Ibiza. Our favorites are the sister beaches Playa Ses Illetes and Llevant. If you decide to go for lunch on Formentera we recommend Beso Beach, a delightfully laidback restaurant. This really has the feel of a Caribbean restaurant. Around Formentera there are several caves and underwater spots to explore, highly recommended! The snorkeling here is fantastic, the water is perfectly clear and there are many fish species. Ask your captain about his favorite spots. Formentera by boat is highly recommended.

LIB_SHU_12_F285_RF_27a01c36c94913cf8360bd46bbb35391a56221bfThe mud baths at S’Espalmador

2560_3000Beso Beach restaurant on Formentera

o-SES-ILLETES-MEJOR-PLAYA-facebookThe sister beaches of Ses Illetes and Llevant Playa.

Delicious lunch!

All boats that we have some standard snacks and drinks on board. However, you can also choose to make a sumptuous lunch on the boat. Each boat offers a different kind of lunch. Look at the boats page what the options are. You can advance to the boat owner also meet some lunch type you would like. You can also bring your own lunch.

You can also choose to have lunch somewhere along the way. We find Beso Beach on Formentera really toptentje. Juan y Andrea is another very pleasant beach. This is only a bit on the expensive side and it can get very busy. Some beach clubs such as Blue Marlin also offer a tender service. This means that they can provide a lunch on the boat. However, on the pricey side but totally worth it.

catamaran-ibiza-4Delicious rose lunch aboard the catamaran.

1908118_1590627447863839_4413097187853062585_nSoup appetizer sailboat.

11218067_1592129137713670_3705771820028772640_oDelicious healthy lunch on the sailboat.

beso-beachLunch at Beso Beach

1011992_158885187629103_1821112851_nThe entrance to Juan y Andrea

Freedom by boat!

Just a moment away from the hectic summer madness. A bite a drink and get away with some nice music in the background. The boats all come standard with a captain. This can also tell a lot about his or her favorite spots around the island. Popular trips include along the west coast of Es Vedra, highlighted, Formentera and Tagomago. All our boats (except for the RIB) are provided with a sound system. For an overview of all the boats you can take a look at the boat rental page.

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