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Sightseeing on Ibiza

So there you are: you’ve arrived on the promised island of Ibiza. After months or weeks of anticipation, the holiday has finally begun. Full of curiosity, you take your first steps on the island. You don’t want to miss anything. Besides the beautiful beaches and popular restaurants, there’s plenty more to discover. That’s why we’ve written this guide to some of the attractions that you really won’t want to miss during your stay on the island. There are, of course, many more great attractions, but in this article we’re restricting ourselves to a number of tips that you probably hadn’t already thought about.

1: The highest viewpoint on Ibiza
This is a completely free outing that could be a special addition to your holiday experience. The highest mountain on Ibiza, Sa Talaia, is accessible by car, by bike or on foot and offers, on a sunny day, a wonderful view. Take your own food and drink (champagne is always a good idea), as there’s nowhere here to purchase these, and enjoy a special picnic or a sunset on this unique Ibizan spot.

Google coordination: 38.911514, 1.274167

2: La Maison de l’Elephant
Is the weather not so great one day, or do you want to be in the shade? La Maison de l’Elephant is a lovely shop to visit. Potter around a 3,200m2 interior furnishings shop with extraordinary design items from all over the world. It’s a wonderful place to find a souvenir for home, or to marvel at the fantastic items that you find there. This shop is in Sant Jordi on Ctra San Jose km1.1 and is recognisable by the often-playful design items at the entrance to the big black property.

3: Formentera
Besides having lots of attractions, Ibiza has a neighbouring island, Formentera, that’s certainly worth a visit during your holiday. If you think Ibiza has beautiful beaches, then you’ll also find it wonderful to visit Formentera and admire the crystal-clear sea. Do you want to make it an unforgettable day? Hire a boat and discover this piece of paradise together.


4: Dalt Vila
Generally well known, but we still wanted to put it in the list of attractions, in case you overlooked it. Ibiza town has a historic city centre that has been declared a world heritage site by UNESCO. Its high city walls protected the 16th-century population from pirates and other invaders. Go back in time by visiting Dalt Vila, the old town that you can often already see as you drive towards Ibiza. After walking through one of the gates, you’ll find yourself in a labyrinth of narrow streets where you can discover all sorts of houses, museums, shops and restaurants. Enjoy the view as you walk uphill (a fair climb, but it is surely worth it) and visit the 13th-century cathedral.


5: Tanit’s Cave
There are several caves on Ibiza. If you’re sure-footed and like a bit of activity and the adventure of discovering mythical places, then you should plan to visit Cova des Culleram in the region of Cala San Vincente. It’s estimated that this cave is around two thousand years old. Several archaeologists have made discoveries here that show that Romans and even Greeks previously lived on the island. The items found show that this cave previously fulfilled a religious purpose. The Punic goddess Tanit was highly revered, and people probably used this cave to say goodbye to the deceased and to carry out rituals to ensure that they had a safe trip to the afterlife. Because the cave is often used for parties and other things, it is unfortunately protected with fences. But that doesn’t make this special place any less impressive. Take a little personal something with you and make a wish to the goddess Tanit as you place it in the cave. They say, on Ibiza, that your wish will always come true.

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