Datum: 17-03-2015

From December 11th to January 12th, we conducted a short questionnaire to discover your thoughts on Ibiza as a holiday destination, as well as other holidaying habits.
We want to say a massive thank you to all those who got involved. In the end we had a hugely positive response from over 380 participants.

We’ve highlighted some key findings below, but you can download the report in its entirety here.

Key Findings:

Ibiza Is Just As Much A Destination For Couples As It Is For Singles

53.47% of the respondents who had been to Ibiza were married, with 10.41% were engaged, in a relationship or simply living with their partner. This perfectly showcases the islands broad appeal to both couples and singles alike.

Younger People Spend More In Ibiza

34.6% of people aged 35 and under said they’d expect to spend £750 or less on a trip to Ibiza, compared to 25.2% of those over 46. Just under quarter of those in the younger age bracket also said they’d expect to spend more on expenses during their trip as well, whereas over a quarter of those over 46 said they would spend no more than £300.

There’s More To Ibiza Than Clubbing And Parties

The majority (31.3%) of respondents (31.3%) agreed with the above statement. In fact, only a small minority disagreed, suggesting that the Island’s party-central reputation may be fading away.

The survey also found that women think Ibiza is more of a luxury destination than men, and that the majority of people agree that Ibiza is an ideal destination for young couples without children.

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