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Ibiza is the island of sun and sea, with beaches, cool parties, flower power, and hippies. This is also evident from the style of clothing worn by people on the island donned with color, many jewels and flowers, colorful details, stylish swimsuits, you name it. Ibiza has many mini-boutiques where you can score nice, Ibizan-style outfits. We’ve put together a listing of the nicest boutiques for you. This way you won’t have to worry in the slightest as to whether you’re vacationing in style, the Ibizan way!

Isla Ibiza Bonita

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I>Isla Ibiza Bonita is a boutique in Ibiza-town that two Dutch entrepreneurs opened up just last year. The boutique is stands out for its beautiful interior, making it one of the most distinct boutiques in town. Isla Ibiza Bonita sells clothing with a romantic flavor as well as hip and urban chique wear, among other styles. You can polish off your Ibizan outfit, accessorizing it with colored handbags and shoes to fit your tastes. When you’re in Ibiza-town, this is certainly a shopping venue to check off the bucket list. For more information about this quaint boutique, check them online at: www.isla-ibiza.nl

Treasure Chest

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Treasure Chest is a boutique situated in the well-known restaurant Experimental Beach where you can enjoy live music, delicious cocktails, and a most perfect sunset. In this mini boutique – which sells both men’s and women’s clothing – many of the items are hand-crafted by preeminent designers. Such items include various brands of colored tunics and shoes to jewels, unique sunglasses, and trinkets.  Online ordering will be available at the end of 2014. This place is certainly a must on your to-do list of places to check out. Treasure Chest is open daily from 3 to 10pm and can be found at Experimental  Beach, Las Salinas Ibiza 07817.

World Family Ibiza

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World Family Ibiza is fashion concept dreamt up by Alok and Merel with assistance from their entire family. When you walk into the boutique, it’s as if you’re walking into a wonderland of color. World Family sells clothing, shoes, handbags, accessories, and a laundry list of other items. The collection is 100% hand-made and constructed from a combination of materials that have been sourced from all corners of the world. The items at World Family Ibiza are inspired by the hippie style, meaning colorful prints, embroidery, and original stones can be expected. World Family Ibiza stands for exclusivity, high-quality materials, and craftsmanship; and they provide splendid products as a result. That comes at a premium price, however. More information can be found on their website at: www.worldfamilyibiza.com

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