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During what seasons should I visit Ibiza?

Are you looking for pleasant activity or just want to get away for more rest? Prefer mild temperatures, or rather a sizzling summer day?

Already in March, the first few droves of people start rolling into Ibiza in larger numbers.  It already starts getting warm around then, with temperatures reaching highs of around 20 degrees centigrade during the day. The end of April marks the first long school break for the semester, in which case the first really large groups of tourists start filtering onto the island. By the end of April, the temperature is already pleasantly warm with highs of around 23 degrees centigrade; although, in the evening, it can still be quite nippy from time to time, and there is a greater chance of some rain.

For April, it’s advised that you stay someplace where there is a furnace or heating of some sort. When it gets wet out, it can become a bit nippy, and you are going to want to be inside, if need be.


Starting in May, the rainy days become more scarce and people can get out and soak up all the sun. Temperatures rise to around 25 degrees, and they sometimes even get higher. At that point, you won’t have any need for a furnace. In the evening, perhaps, it will be somewhat cooler, but it will be far from the cold of months prior. The same applies for October. The weather will definitely still be delightfully warm early on in the month. Ibicenco locals find this month to be the prettiest of all. By the end of October, however, it can get cooler again, which marks the end of the true season yet again. In addition, from the middle to the end of October, there may be many quaint parties and closing fests frequented heavily by many of the locals. The Elements in Benirras, Chiringuito, and Bambuddha Grove should come to mind.

So what’s so special about these months, April, May and October? The prices of houses and hotels. Compared to peak season, you will often pay half the price. Flights to the island are often cheaper as well (do note, however, that it’s best that you book early for major school breaks because the turnout can sometimes be very high on a Saturday if you book too late).

The months of June and September are also pleasantly hot. You can also enjoy an evening outside, grilling out on the barbie or snacking on a dessert. It’s getting somewhat busier on the island, but the most crowded periods are not until July and August. All the parties will be happening around then (starting at the end of May), and they will continue up through the beginning of October, when the so-called “closing parties” for the major night clubs will happen.

July and August are hot! August, especially, can get rather hot, with temperatures surpassing 30 degrees centigrade. No worries, though. Sun, sand, and sea are always nearby, so you will always have a chance to cool off. Most of the houses and hotels have pools anyway if you want to take a dip to cool off. The restaurants and clubs are nicely packed, with beaches being somewhat fuller. It is advised that you book a reservation if you plan to dine in a popular restaurant.


Every season has its own charm at Ibiza! If you are looking for peace and quiet and want the best price, then go in April, May, and October. Want to be sure you can enjoy a nice evening outside? If so, then we advise travelling during the end of May through the beginning of October.

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