Datum: 04-05-2016

Your holiday can begin! The flights are booked, but now you need to get your holiday suitcase ready. This is something one can stress about. We will help you to a relaxed start of the holiday with 11 handy packing tips:

1. Gather Point
Prior to your holiday, have a storage box ready in your bedroom where you can gradually gather your holiday goodies, such as sun creams, puzzle books and your camera. This way you have a spot where you collect all the items and will be able to see at a glimpse what you still need to purchase before departing.

2. Packing List
Make a list of everything you need for your holiday. It may sound silly, but it works well. By being organized you avoid forgetting items.

Packing list ibiza

3. Rules will be rules
Before you start packing, read the airline rules regarding baggage.
Airlines have no mercy, 20 kilos is not 21.5 kilos. It would be a shame if your holiday starts with a hefty payment at check-in, or even worse, having to leave your favorite sweater behind.

4. Essentials
The stress comes primarily from the feeling that you may have forgotten something very important. But what is really important? Start with the real essentials like passports, credit cards and your phone charger. The island has a great variety of shops, so in case you do forget to bring your swimwear, no worries!

packing ibiza

5. Petite is neat
Do you have a favorite shampoo, soap or cream that you really can not miss during your holiday, but you’ve almost reached the maximum weight? Purchase a number of empty miniature bottles and jars so you can at least take a bit the desired products with you. Another tip: pack all liquids in a plastic bag to prevent discovering that your whole suitcase has undergone a shampoo treatment upon arrival to your destination.

6. Roll it
Roll your clothes. Rolled clothes take less space and wrinkle less! Also very handy, is to put socks in your shoes. By filling the empty space, your shoes will be kept in perfect shape.


7. It’s raining sunbeams
There you are in your shorts wearing flip-flops. Turns out the beach weather is not until next week. Don´t guess! Check the weather forecast before you decide which of your favorite outfits you are going to wear on your holiday.

8. Multifunctional Towel
Thick towels for the whole family? That can easily take up a whole suitcase. Did you know that sarongs are multi-functional? While a beach towel soaks up half the beach with sand and tends to become heavy, a lightweight sarong is dry in no time. It can also be used as a shawl, a blanket during a little siesta or for the ladies: as a beach dress.


9. All in hand
Put your most important valuables in your hand luggage. Also handy: the back-up kit: with an outfit, underwear and a toothbrush, just in case your suitcase arrives slightly later due to an error at the airport. This happens rarely, but you can better be well prepared.

10. Space!
We understand that it is difficult, but try to leave some space in your suitcase. It would be a shame if you aren´t be able to bring back any souvenirs, lovely new clothes, or other wanna-haves, wouldn´t it?!

11. Thirsty
The last useful tip before the trip can begin: it is well known that no fluids are allowed through the customs. But of course you can always take an empty water bottle in your hand luggage and fill it after checking in!

Happy Holidays!


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