Datum: 22-03-2016

Feeling the need to venture out of the English cold weather during the dark and grey months? For this, one does not necessarily have to spend hours on the plane. Ibiza is also an ideal off season holiday destination!

1. Flights
Starting this year, Ibiza is easily reached at very inviting rates! Several airlines are flying during off season to a wonderful holiday.

2. Markets
During the summer one walks between the tanned and shiny faces while strolling through all the market stalls at the famous hippy markets. In winter there´s so much more to do in terms of markets. Although less touristy, more local products and second hand wannahaves are on offer. We recommend to go and visit the Cala Llenya market on Sundays with live music or to venture out to San Juan and enjoy the atmosphere.



3. Walks
In the summer, you would probably not even think of hiking or climbing mountains in Spanish temperatures. But during the winter months, there is nothing better than seeing the beaches from a different angle. The walks are organized by organizations such as HikingIbiza and Walking Ibiza. This doesn´t have to cost much but: you may make a donation at the end of the scenic journey.

4. Culture
The islanders work hard during the high season, battling their way through the summer months and sometimes have up to three jobs. However, in exchange for their hard work, they are blessed to enjoy freedom for several weeks. In other words: do you wish to get to know the real island life and the ibicencos? See where they eat, drink and enjoy life while throwing in your best Spanish for a little chat with the locals.


5. Celebrations

In case you are not able to let your hair down by the fireplace, there is always the infamous Pacha nightclub that organizes a variety of parties on the weekends in a cozy setting.

6. Space
While, during the summer months, the beaches and terraces are to be shared with hundreds of other Ibiza enthusiasts, it is very likely to get sun kissed on a deserted beach or grab the sunny table on the terrace, during this visit.

7. Mountainbiking
Where during the summer one is indulging the sun while enjoying fruity sangria, a perfect mountain bike resort is emerged during the winter months. With routes through the mountains, beautiful views and wonderful slides down the hills one can be fulfilled and have a well deserved drink at one of the sunny terraces at the end of the route. We recommend Kandani for rental equipment.



8.Bank holidays
Ibiza has a great number of Catholics habitants who place a lot of importance to holidays such as Christmas. The streets are beautifully decorated during this period and the squares are featured by large Christmas trees. Another important festivity is the arrival of the Three Kings, celebrated on January 6th. On this day a great parade cruises through the streets and tons of candy is being thrown into the public. This festivity can be compared with the Dutch Sinterklaas. Meaning that, during this time of year some of the island culture is to be enjoyed for sure.

9. Shining through the winter
Feeling like you´re headed towards a winter depression? Ibiza is only a two hour flight away, but can make you feel like you’re outside of Europe. While in England the days are dark and grey, Ibiza has your daily doses of sunshine ready. Sitting on a sunny terrace with wind shields can mean that you´ll be hot, wearing only a T-shirt

10. Tasty Food
We all know that Spain is renowned for its great cuisine. Certainly in Ibiza you can marvel at all sorts of good restaurants. But did you know that many restaurants are open off season with significantly reduced menu prices?!


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